Fr. Moloney's reflections for Trinity Sunday on "Mercy in a Time of National Anger"

Last Sunday, the Church celebrated the feast of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit made the Apostle’s speech in their rough, Galilean accents, understandable to those from countries all over the region where Aramaic was not spoken. Ever since proud engineers tried to build the Tower of Babel, the languages of the Earth had been scrambled. The miracle of Pentecost is that through the Holy Spirit, the sin and punishment of Babel were set aside, and people began to understand each other.

TCC End of Year Party

Hope everyone is doing well as the semester wraps up. This coming Wednesday, May 13th from 4 PM – 6 PM EDT we will be having a virtual TCC End of the Year party on Zoom! This will also be an opportunity to celebrate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima!