For Alumni

We are currently searching for an alumni outreach coordinator, who would be in charge of organizing an annual alumni event on campus. Additional duties could include assisting with the alumni newsletter and giving campaign.

Recent Graduates

Please be sure to mark yourself as Catholic on WebSIS! You can do so by visiting WebSIS, selecting "For Students > Biographic and Emergency Records", and choosing "Catholic" under "optional religious affiliation".


If you would like to receive TCC's annual alumni newsletter, please contact Loni at!

Suggestions for Deepening your Faith

  1. Find a parish: Look for a parish where you could give some of your time and yourself.
  2. Learn more about your faith: Get involved in a parish bible study or adult education classes.
  3. Prepare for marriage: If you are in a serious relationship go for the best marriage prep - the engaged encounter weekend.
  4. Join or form a small christian community: Fulfill your need to anchor your faith in deep interpersonal bonding with other people having the same faith perspective.
  5. Deepen your prayer life: Join a prayer group or take a yearly retreat at a local retreat house or monastery.
  6. Unlock the riches of the Bible: Make the scriptures a part of your own personal prayer life by reading a short section of the Bible each day.
  7. Expand your knowledge of Christian culture: Explore the world of art, music literature, film, and theater to discover the influence of two thousand years of Christian faith.
  8. Be involved in social justice concerns: Make a commitment to help in a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or AIDS hospice.
  9. Become a volunteer: Take a year off after college to join the peace corps, Jesuit volunteer corps or some other church sponsored lay mission organization.
  10. Become a witness to the world: Don't let your faith life linger and slip after your graduate. out in the "real world" be a witness to the risen Jesus, bring Christian values to your job, your marriage, and to others.