Get Involved

The Catholic community at MIT encompasses hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and others, so there's usually something exciting going on. There are many ways to get involved, and we're always looking for new ideas. Here's a guide to getting connected with TCC.


Fill out this form to add yourself to TCC's membership list.

Come to Mass!

Check out the weekly Mass schedule, as well as other sacraments which are available.

Join the Choir!

If you sing or play an instrument and want to join musical service at one of the Sunday Masses, just come to one of the rehearsals. For additional information, contact Piotr Suwara (, our music director.

For 9:30am Mass: Rehearsal 8:30 am in the Chapel

For 1pm Mass: 11:30 am in the Chapel before the Mass, Thursday 8-9:30 pm in the Chapel. (A different room for 9/21/2017 - see the calendar.)

For 5pm Mass (praise band): Rehearsal 4pm in the Chapel

Sign up for our mailing lists Receives official announcements such as the weekly newsletter and reminders about special events. A list for the discussion of anything and everything. If you have questions, suggestions, or anything else that isn't an official announcement, send it here! The social list is for spontaneous (or premeditated) gatherings, ranging from dinner mobs and game nights to frisbee in the park and cross-country trips. Connect with outreach efforts sponsored by TCC and other organizations on campus. Receive announcements, requests, and encouragement related to prayer and spiritual life. Receive announcements for all events related to Catholic education. Receive announcements relevant to MIT faculty members.

Give back to the community

We're always looking for more help! Please take the time to contribute to TCC and assist your neighbors. Here are some of the ways you can give back:

Lector, EM,
Altar Server
Contact for more information.
Choir Contact, or show up an hour before Mass
Webmaster Contact for more information.

...And More!

Check out the various activities organized by TCC, or start your own!