TCC Wish List

  1. $85,000/year would support our Focus Missionaries. These are recent college grads who agree to spend time at MIT helping to grow the ministry.

  2. $10,000 for new Tabernacle, and Sacristy renovation.

  3. $15,000/year would sponsor our two annual retreats for MIT students

  4. $5,000/year for bringing speakers to campus (four major speakers).

  5. $5,000/year Graduate Students events-Theology on Tap, Barbecue

  6. $2,000/year sponsors our Albert the Great Mass and event

  7. $1,500 sponsors Holy Week Liturgies at MIT (Flowers, Paschal Candle, Musicians)

  8. $8,500/year for coffee and donuts after the Masses on Sunday

Please check out our donations page for more information!