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We welcome your feedback for the TCC as we strive to be a supportive and inclusive community, representing many different backgrounds and diverse points of view while united in our devotion to Christ and his teaching. Please feel free to reach out to any of the Council, Staff, and Advisory Board members listed below.


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Student Activities
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TCC Council

Title Name Email
Council Chair Mariana Avila
Treasurer Keith Mokry
Prayer and Liturgy Chairs Sophia Mittman
Mike Teodros
Service Chairs Nicole Munee
Ashleigh Teygong Wade
Education Chairs Anna Rasmussen
Keith Mokry
Social/Community Committee John Shackelton
Grecia Castelazo
Carene Umubyeyi
Sophia Mittman
Kathryn Linz
Graduate Community Chairs Kevin Limanta
Christian Gomez
Publicity Chair Carene Umubyeyi
Webmaster Marisa Hoosen
Secretary Gwyneth James


Title Name Email
Chaplain Fr. Michael Medas
Deacon Rev. Mr. Augustine Hwang
Campus Minister Bernadine Kensinger
Administrator Loni Butera
FOCUS Missionary Tara Lauderdale 
FOCUS Missionary Gregory Giangiordano
FOCUS Missionary Catherine Alex
FOCUS Missionary John Ortega

TCC Advisory Board

Title Name Email
Co-Chair Dr. Allison Chang
Prof. Bill Green


Address and Phone: 

Tech Catholic Community, MIT Building W11-012, 40 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
Office Phone: 617-252-1779