The TCC enjoys the company of many wonderful students and affiliates who all contribute to the vibrant social life of the community.  Be sure to check out our calendar for the events described below and everything else happening in the TCC!


Our main social gatherings are the 2-3 feast day parties thrown every semester, where we have food, fun, and most importantly fellowship! 


While some feasts celebrated in this way are annual staples (e.g. St. Patrick’s Day, All Saints Day), we also like to find other days in the liturgical calendar that are especially suited for MIT culture (e.g. St. Thomas Aquinas). Of particular note is our Easter Vigil party; appropriately our greatest social gathering of the year, it is the more earthly continuation of the celebration of this truly blessed night!
Beyond our parties, the TCC has smaller food-equipped opportunities for community every week. From 7-9 pm every Friday night during the semester, we have Spaghetti Supper, where a meal including garlic bread and the eponymous food is provided in a casual setting (if you are interested in helping cook and/or sharing your own cuisine, be sure to mention it over the meal).
Coffee and donuts are also provided after Sunday morning Masses, along with round tables that lend themselves quite well to group conversations. Both of these events take place in W11 (the Religious Activities Building). 

In addition to these more structured social events, members of the TCC often plan spontaneous gatherings that can be as simple as studying in Killian or going across the river for Mass -- be sure to ask a member to be added to our GroupMe chats for the most current updates!

If you’re interested in helping plan these events (and/or want to add your own ideas), contact a member of the TCC Social Committee or send us an e-mail at!